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Welcome to - Tzigania

Tzigania Project... a Community Development Program - 
Building Bridges into the traditionally segregated  Roma / Gypsy communities

The Tzigania Project is an internal operation bringing new trades
into the fiscally stifled Roma / Gypsy communities of Romania

Creating New Opportunities through Participation and Trade


Tzigania Tours: Eco-Tourism
building bridges into marginalized Communities
The Store
"made in tzigania"

Gypsy Tourism
Gypsy Store Door
 We won't tell you how to think -
only show and explain allowing you to form your own  opininions

- Traditional arts and crafts
Supporting - the community through trade
Supplying - "shukhari" beautiful things


                                   - isn't about change but working together and finding solutions... 

                                                                                                                     The Revolution starts here... Inside and Out

Roma Learn Center

Learning Center

Informational Database

Romani Mexeli
Roma Restaurant

Mushroom Supply Center
Roma Restaurant

mushroom Supply Center

- Coming Soon -

- Coming Soon -

Brokering Business with Roma/Gypsies
Humanitarian Branch

Making Business
poor girl in the window

Micro-Business Plans

Directing help - where help is most effective

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