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Welcome to - Tzigania

Tzigania Project... a bridge building, Community Development Program - 
improving conditions in Roma / Gypsy communities of Romania through trade...
 "give the man a job and the other problems will work themselves out."

Changing the dysfunctional - status quo (from both sides) - one person at a time...

The Tzigania Revolution starts here...


Tzigania Tours: Eco-Tourism
building bridges into marginalized Roma/Gypsy Communities
The Store
"made in tzigania"
Gypsy Tourism
Gypsy Store Door
We won't tell you how to think -
only show and explain allowing you to form your own  opininions
Traditional arts and crafts
the community through trade
"shukhari" beautiful things

Roma Learn Center
Learning Center
Informational Database

Romani Mexeli
Roma Restaurant
Mushroom Supply Center
Roma Restaurant

mushroom Supply Center
- Coming Soon -- Coming Soon -

Brokering Business with Roma/GypsiesHumanitarian Branch
Making Business
poor girl in the window
Micro-Business PlansDirecting help - where help is most effective

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